5 Bridal Tips You Can’t Live Without

5 Bridal Tips You Can’t Live Without

When my husband and I got engaged (4 months after we started dating!) I knew that I didn’t want anything crazy for our wedding. After living in the Netherlands, practicality is a part of my foundation so I asked my parents, his parents and my groom what was important to them and ditched any other detail I didn’t need.
I booked vendors I trusted and I was so calm, my friends couldn’t believe how stress- free I was. It was perfect!

I’m going to share some important lessons that kept me from being a Bride-zilla!

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1. Go dress shopping alone the first time you go. Why? Because everyone is going to have an opinion on what they want to see you in and as much as they want to support you, the influence is overwhelming. As Brides, we often want to please everyone else. I found that there is something surreal about going dress shopping on my work lunch house, when there is no one else and I could take in the reality of all that God had blessed me with. Then, when I went with my mom and bridesmaids, I was ready for their feedback, but still felt like I couldn’t stay true to myself.

2. Try to keep it simple. It’s easy to get caught up in all the glitz and glam that Pinterest tells us we should have. There are so many details to consider! This process can be overwhelming for you and your groom, so the less you add on, the less stress you’ll have. Remembering what is important can keep you both on the same page and from accruing debt in the process.

3. Remember your in-laws. Your husband’s parents are about to become family not only to you, but your family. My parents and my husband’s parents met at the rehearsal dinner! Praise the Lord they loved each other, but since we weren’t bombarded with a lot of people and details, we could enjoy the moments before our wedding when our friends & family could be intimate. One thing I did that meant so much to my in-laws was include their name on the invitations. Tiny details that honor your family mean so much and help start your marriage on the right foot.

4. Remember the facts. Weddings are expensive! As much as this is the day of your dreams, the price tags are very much reality. The same service could be 3xs as expensive if you mention it’s for a wedding. Regardless of your centerpieces, your table linens, your flowers – at the end of the day two things will remain.

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1. You’re marrying your best friend.

2. Someone has to pay for all this!

If you’re lucky enough that your parents are covering it, remember they could help with a honeymoon or a house! This will last much longer.

If you are footing the bill, try to stick to a budget you and your groom agree on and can handle without going into debt.

5. Finally, book vendors you trust! This is the most important, in my opinion. Get referrals, research pricing and make sure they communicate with you. For me, there isn’t anyone I’ve ever trusted to do my makeup, so not only did I do my own, I did my bridesmaids makeup too!

If you are getting married in the Tallahassee area and youa re looking for someone to do your hair & makeup, please email me! hello@tallybeautygirl.com

One more thing… Don’t forget to have fun! Remember, you are getting to marry this amazing man no matter what happens! So if it rains or something doesn’t go as planned, who cares?! Just roll with it.

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