My Unexpected Entrepreneur Story

My Unexpected Entrepreneur Story

No one in my family has ever owned a business. However, when I was a little girl, my grandma told my mother that I was going to run a company one day. When my mom asked “Why?” My grandma told her during our summer vacation, my brother and I collected seashells on the beach. As we walked back, my brother gave away his shells and I tried to sell them. My mom only shared this story recently and it absolutely sounds like something I’d do.

In grade school, my report cards always had the remark “shows leadership skills” (read: she’s bossy). I was always the employee who took initiative and had ideas on how I could make each place I worked at better. I’m good at sales and I love talking to people so when I find something I’m excited about it, it tends to consume me. Little did I know this obsessive behavior was exactly what is necessary to run a business.

Tatiana and I at her wedding in August 2018 in Miami, Fl.

I never even heard the word “entrepreneur” until I was 29 and met Tatiana Torres of Furor. It was fun to watch her take her side hustle from her spare bedroom to her full time job and be with her as she signed the lease to her first showroom. You hear about people like this but I’d never seen the journey first hand.

In 2014, I met my mentor, Eric Holman. Eric had an idea for a publishing company that only shared the good, to encourage business owners to love as God loves us and in return their customers would love them even more. I really felt God telling me this is where I needed to be. After working with Eric to develop the brand, product and sales pitch, we had a business! Eventually, I invested into the business and learned the truth: owning a business is not as glamorous as it seems. One word: TAXES!!!

Eventually, I decided that if I was going to work nonstop on a business, it needed to be completely mine. I didn’t know it at the time but thisjourney has prepared me for everything that I have been asking God for for nearly a decade. Clearly, I like to do things my own way. Today, I have a private studio that I do hair and makeup out of, I’ve experienced what it means to run a business for God’s glory and I’ve learned the true definition of beauty.

I want to know where has life taken you that you never expected? Leave a comment below!


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