Finding Me

Finding Me

I feel like I am always in the state of an existential crisis. Who am I? Is what I am doing now going to get me to my goals? Am I making a difference? Should I start over? I need a nap.

As I build the framework for Tally Beauty Girl, I am searching to find my voice. I see amazing bloggers and influencers on social media and while their content is captivating, I don’t have the time, interest or budget to do target try-ons and Sephora hauls. I do shop at Sephora, often, but I tear into my new toys too quickly to remember to post an Insta Story about it.

While I admire these women, this isn’t me. I don’t believe the world needs more…anything. In honestly, I think we need less. Less makeup, less time worrying about our hair, less time shopping and trying on clothes. We need less of ourselves and more work. More trauma therapy, more journaling, more recovery and more forgiving. This is beautiful to me. These are the things I hear people say they love about me: my heart. I want to give the whole world a hug.

As I sit here, drinking my gallon water jug and looking over the list of things I want to blog about, I feel the most at peace writing about what speaks to my heart. Beauty and hair are foundational for me to showing people how beautiful God made them, but it is not structural. I have to dive deeper, there is so much more to you and I. As I find my message, I am truly enjoying these moments of writers block on the physical piece. I am sure some makeup reviews are coming soon, but for now, I’ll marinate in the true virtues of beauty.



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