Healing Through Beauty

Healing Through Beauty

lets discuss how beautiful you are

There is a moment… when you sit in my chair for the first time and I ask you: so what do you have in mind. I begin collecting clues with how you wish you could see yourself. It’s the girl on Instagram, or the image on Pinterest, perhaps a celebrity. As you scroll through your gallery of ideals, I am sizing you up. Considering how much time you have to spend accomplishing your model hairstyle, your personality traits, the things that make you, you. 

My favorite part of a consultation is when I pull all your hair away from your face and ask you: what’s your favorite feature? What do you love about you? It’s a vulnerable question and it is intended to be. To bring you face to face with how you feel about yourself and what I can accomplish not only with your look but your heart. It saddens me how many women say…”I don’t know, nothing really.”

This is the time I get to show you how alluring others see you. The ones who haven’t spend hours picking apart every flaw and can take in the whole picture. I get to talk about the shape of your eyes, your smile, your beautiful jawline. I get to show you how I can bring these features out and my client really starts to trust me.

It is my passion to set to work on these lines and colors that will show you who you are. And when I turn the chair around and you see what I see…these are the moments I live for. This is why I love doing hair and make up. The creativity is great but the healing that comes from within, when you show a woman her most beautiful parts of herself, this is what I live for.


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