My Image by Lisa

My Image by Lisa

I believe no matter how long you’ve done something you have to always be willing to learn. In the Tallahassee community, everyone knows that Lisa Davis is the Queen of Makeup. Of course I had to get a make up lesson! I didn’t want to learn necessarily how to do my own makeup better but my clientele. Little did I know that she would teach me how to up my own game.

The first thing that blew my mind is she started with my eyebrows, since it’s the cleanest application. She used a pomade where I always use a angle brush and eye powder. Lisa suggested Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade and let me tell you, this ish does not move. I wish there was a pomade for every makeup. I would sleep in it!

The major thing I think I’ve done wrong all these years is use a concealer that is too thick. I love Two Faced Born This Way, but it’s too heavy for women with mature skin. It will settle into the creases and make you look older. Woah. I had no idea. I feel like I need to make some amends here. Lisa’s favorite is Maybeline Instant Age Rewind Eraser. It’s thin enough that it won’t settle but has great coverage. And it’s only $10!

A lot of the things we went over were review for me, such as contour, highlight, and setting. One of my main struggles personally, is keeping my foundation from melting off my face throughout the day. Lisa suggested I use a beauty blender and dab it in. I never seem to actually have my beauty blender when I’m doing my makeup so I’ve been using my foundation brush to press the product into my skin. It has definitely helped the staying power.

I am so excited to take everything I’ve learned and use it on my clients! Now through August I’ll be running a special for makeup lessons for $50 through August if you mention this post! Email me for your appointment at


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