Blowdrying 101

Blowdrying 101

Never in school did we learn the skills that we would actually need in real life. Skills like budgeting, time management and how to blow dry your hair. I would have paid attention in these classes. Whenever I get ready at the gym, I see women blow drying their hair with no process, rhyme or reason. They’re just¬†drying it and then going to their hairdresser later to complain about their hair being frizzy. FACE PALM.

I’ve thought about making a tutorial on how to blow dry your hair, but I don’t know enough about video editing to mute the sound of the dryer and overlay my voice. So here’s the next best thing. A step by step guide!

Start with clean and towel dried hair. Make sure that you are washing your hair correctly! Think you know how to wash your hair? Check out my blog for some tips!

Always use the tip of your dryer! THIS IS SO IMPORTANT!! I cannot stress this enough. When blow drying you are trying to control where the air is blowing your hair. Just like you use the nozzle of your hose to water your garden (or put your thumb over the tip) you need to use the nozzle on your blow dryer. This will make so much difference! Always make sure the tip of your blow dryer is parallel to your brush, not perpendicular.

Always use heat protector. The high heats of irons and blow dryers can literally fry your hair. Your product should specifically say heat protection. Using an oil is not ideal because it can actually make your hair more susceptible to burning. A cream or volumizing or blow dry spray is ideal.

Section your hair. THIS IS ALSO SO IMPORTANT! You would never try to cook an onion by throwing the whole thing in a pan. You would cut it up to cook it evenly and faster. Sectioning your hair actually helps it to dry faster and you’ll have more control over the style. You don’t want your sections to be wider than the width of your brush, other wise the hair will be falling all over the place and difficult to control.

The easiest way to section your hair is:

  1. Separate the top from where your hairline goes in to just under the crown of your head.
  2. Ear to ear
  3. The bottom, I split into two.

First, blow dry the bottom by bringing them around your shoulders so it’s easier.

Then, for the middle section, we’ll break this down into 4 sections. Hairline to behind the ear – behind the ear to the middle of your head, middle to behind the other ear, ear to hairline.

Next, when working on the top, take about a one inch section from the crown of the hair and blow dry going up to build volume. Finally, you can continue to take horizontal sections toward your hairline blowdrying down and away from your face to make a swoop and give you a nice bounce.

When drying each section, repeat after me: roots – mids – ends…roots – mids – ends. This is the order in which you want to dry each section.

First the roots. Lifting them up will build volume and make your blowout last longer since the hair isn’t flat to the scalp. It will keep it from getting oily. Then the midsection or length of your hair should be your focus. Continue to move the brush up and down. If you’re still feeling a lot of tension while you move your brush through your hair, it’s not dry. It should move smoothly. Last, focus on smoothing the ends in the direction you want them to fall.

Let it cool. Let your hair cool on the brush BEFORE you pull the brush out. Just like you would not pull cookies off a tray before they’ve cooled, your hair style will fall apart faster if you don’t let it cool. I like to use a texture spray or dry shampoo to set my blow dry. If your hair feels a little dry or frizzy you can use a smoothing oil.

Let me know how you like these tips or if you’d like to schedule a 1 on 1 lesson with me!



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