7 Makeup Products Every Woman Needs

7 Makeup Products Every Woman Needs

Recently I was hired to teach some ladies the very basics of makeup. No smokey eye or sun kissed bronze. Just how to look fresh and natural in under 10 minutes. As I scanned the aisles of target looking for the products no woman could live without, I thought of my own daily makeup routine. It took me 30 (something) years to finally nail down a quick makeup routine that made me feel really beautiful but didn’t give me severe depression to have to wash off at the end of the day! Anyone else feel me?

I love a full face of makeup. I also love natural beauty. I enjoy doing really creative makeup, gala makeup, and my favorite is wedding makeup! But every woman should know the basics. So here are the 7 products that every woman needs in her makeup bag!


  1. Brow Pencil or Pomade: If you remember my makeup lesson with Lisa Davis, I learned to always start with the brows. My favorite isthis one. It literally stays put all day and provides the strong brow that I like. For something softer you can definitely go with a pencil and make small brush strokes filling in any gaps. The first thing I do is fill in my brows and I instantly feel more put together.
  2. Foundation: I love a full coverage foundation and lately I’ve been using this one and I love it! For a lighter coverage, I used this one for a really long time. I love how it hydrates my skin and has sun protection. Pro tip! You can mix your full coverage foundation with a moisturizer for a lighter coverage. Now, I believe that if you take care of your skin, you won’t need a lot of foundation, unless that is a look that you prefer. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it is so important to take really good care of your skin. I’ll be sharing my favorite skin care products soon.
  3. Concealer: Lisa told me about this one and I was shocked with how much I loved a concealer from the drug store! I can’t believe how easy it is to use and how well it covers. I use this to prime my eyelids before shadow. I also use it after my foundation to cover my dark circles and brighten up under eye. You’ll want to select a shade slightly lighter than your skin tone so that your under eye appears brighter. I draw an upside down triangle under my eyes. IT LOOKS CRAZY! But trust the process. Once you blend it in and set it with powder, this trick will completely transform your face.
  4. Setting Powder: I absolutely love these makeup tutorials so I had to of course get her makeup! My clients love this setting powder! It feels so velvety and smells so good! I also really like this one, it works for everyone, especially if you’re sensitive.
  5. Bronzer/Contour: Now that you’ve applied foundation, concealer and setting powder, you’re probably feeling a little pale. This is where you’ll sculpt your cheek bones, nose and jawline. I personally like to use a color that doesn’t have a lot of shimmer so that it looks more natural. I’ve been using this one for years and I love it. It also smells like chocolate hehe. Start by your ear, where your hairline meets your cheekbone and buff small circles toward your mouth.
  6. Blush: I avoided blush for years because I felt my face had so much red in it that blush would make it worse. This is absolutely not true. The biggest mistake I see my clients make when I do makeup lessons is choosing the wrong blush color. I have them bring in their makeup so I can see what they’re using and what they need. So many people come in with mauve or muted pinks. The prettiest blush colors are bright pinks and corals. Don’t be afraid of the color, just use it sparingly. Blush makes you look fresh and awake! This is an awesome little pallet that I’ve used on almost every client.
  7.  Mascara: When it comes to mascara, I like to try all different kinds. Of all your makeup, this one expires the fastest so you don’t need to spend much. Right now I’m using this luxury mascara for myself, but on my clients I like this one too.

I love the way makeup makes a woman feel beautiful! Obviously, there are a million other ways to do your makeup than above, but this was some basics I feel everyone should know. Want to learn more? I’m booking makeup lessons for the holidays now! Email me for my availability at hello@tallybeautygirl.com


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