How To Section Your Hair

How To Section Your Hair

One of the first things we learn in Cosmetology school is sectioning the hair. This is an important step in any hair service and seems pretty obvious. Just like in cooking, cutting your veggies up before you cook them allow them to cook evenly and easily, the same concepts apply to hair styling!

This is my favorite way to section hair for any styling service. Whether you’re blowdrying, curling, or flat ironing your hair – this simple sectioning technique will make doing your hair much easier and faster!

What You Need:

A brush or wide tooth comb

4 clips (do not use hair bands on wet hair because hair is weaker and can break easily)

Step 1:

Start with brushed hair! This will make separating your hair for your sections much easier!

Using your fingers or a comb, separate the top of your hair where your hairline goes in a little bit to just under where your head rounds out at the crown.
















Step 2

Section your hair from ear to ear across where the little bone in the back of your head is (this is called the occipital bone)

















Step 3

Separate the back section into two (or three depending on how thick your hair is) smaller sections. This will make it easy to bring your hair around your shoulders to style.



















Now that you have your hair properly sectioned, you can begin to style. The back two sections are pretty easy to blow dry or curl and will go pretty quickly.

Moving to the second section (ear to ear). Only remove the hair that you are working with and clip away the rest until you are ready to move onto that next piece.

I break this up into 4 sections:

Hairline to Ear

Ear to Center of the back of your head

Back of your head to other Ear

Ear to Hairline

















It’s important to keep your sections small, so if additional separation is needed because your hair is thicker, please do it!

You don’t want your sections to be bigger than your hairbrush or barrel of your iron. 


For the top section, its important that you take your time – this is the most important and the section everyone sees. I start with the piece in the back on the crown to get the most volume.

Then you can separate the remaining hair either in the middle, wherever you part your hair, or continuing across to your hairline (this will give you the most volume).

Trouble shooting:

If your hair is frizzy, make sure you use your nozzle on your blow drier and dry your hair completely. If there is any moisture left, your hair will be puffy with the humidity!

If your curl falls out quickly, leave the iron on for up to 15 seconds.

Please email me with any questions or book a one on one lesson with me in the salon!


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  1. Chelsea
    December 30, 2019 / 5:31 pm

    Looks so great! Thank you!

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