Why I Started Doing Hair Again

Why I Started Doing Hair Again

6 years ago today, I started working at the only salon I was willing to work at in Tallahassee: Haute Headz. Known as the “Best Salon” – I had to work there because I too, am the best hairdresser. Or so I thought at that time. It’s no wonder it didn’t last long because my ego was bigger than the building itself. When I left, I felt God telling me so clearly to STOP. Stop doing hair. He had been telling me for years! But my response was always¬†You’ll pry my scissors from my cold, dead hands.¬†Luckily, I didn’t have to die to finally be obedient to God.

In my stillness, I prayed for what I was supposed to do. I got a call from a guy who had an idea and it birthed Sociallyloved: a publication mean to #loveontally. After a summer of development, we had a concept, a price and me, a little hustler who knew how to get to yes. After a few months of some yeses and a lot of nos, we stopped…we cancelled all our meetings and we prayed. For five weeks! In that time, our team each individually felt God tell us that this would be HIS business and it would be done differently, with the mission first. To love God and to love others and that’s exactly what we did. Over the years, I met thousands of business owners who’s guards came down as soon as I said “Our mission is to love God and remind you that you are loved.” It’s easy to forget this as a business owner when you read nasty reviews. In time, I became known as the hug dealer. I was able to uplift a lot of people and it was always so rewarding whether they bought or product or not.

When the time came for me to sell my share in the business, this was the hardest part: walking away from the ministry. I missed holding space for people who just needed a pause in the world where they have to always appear successful. When I felt God tugging at my heart to get back into hairdressing, I prayed over my little studio room and said “Lord, this is your business, not mine. Bring me your children and I will love them and show them their beauty inside and out.”

And wow did He answer! My first client ever in my little studio room was someone who wanted me to “bleach the drugs out of her hair”… and my second client who showed up early was a friend from Alcoholics Anonymous. Together, we shared our strength, hope and wisdom and let my client know there is a solution. We all stayed at the salon until late in the evening talking about a life beyond our wildest dreams. I don’t know if she’s sober yet, but a seed was planted. I live for these moments because they remind me that I’m doing exactly what I’m supposed to be.

Today, I am at a different salon. Oddly enough it’s called Beauty and Grace and that’s exactly what we provide there. We joke and say my corner is the “crying” corner. My favorite client is the woman who doesn’t make time for herself, where her hair appointment is her pause. I keep my prices reasonable because that woman won’t budget too much for herself, though she desperately needs it. I give her quite time or if it seems like she needs someone to talk to, I will sit, I will listen and I will pray. I don’t care that I’m just supposed to do her hair and send her on her way, it’s not about that for me. It’s about serving every person who sits in my chair the way God has called me to do. I am so thankful for the time I get to share with my clients. I love each and every one of them and I think about them long after their hair is done and they’ve left the salon.

I love doing hair and makeup…and eyebrows. I love the art and the math and the challenge. I’m good at it. I started Cosmetology because I was bullied and I wanted to help others see their own beauty. I love writing this blog and being a resource for not only beauty but health and personal growth. Someone asked me how I refill my bucket after carrying for others. I’ll tell you how. When I turn that chair around and I know that woman feels fierce… that is all I need.


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