Skin Care Musts for Menopause

Skin Care Musts for Menopause

Menopause is one of the most confusing and exhausting time in the woman’s beauty world. Estrogen levels are going mad and with that comes dry skin, dry scalp, dark circles and bags! I have been asked for advice from women that are varied in age, ethnicity and location, but the complaints are all the same. Your dry, itchy skin no longer fits. Skin Care is multi billion dollar industry and personally, that’s about how much I feel like I shell out trying to keep my skin looking radiant. But you don’t need to cash our your 401k to feel beautiful in retirement. Having a routine that works with quality products can keep your bathroom counter from being cluttered and save you hundreds.

Cleanse 2xs – twice a day, morning and night… (Yes, that means 4 times a day)

Contrary to when you were a teenager and stimulating sebaceous oil was a bad thing, now you have to massage your skin to get your skin secretions producing. Try to always find heavy moisturizing ingredients with lipids and oils.

Begin by using a milk cleanser, the creamier the better. This is not so much for the cleansing, but more to moisturize your skin so the cleanser does not dry you out. It will also help to remove make up. I love using my milk cleanser after my morning workout because I feel like it refreshes my salty, sweaty skin without stripping it.

Follow with a foam cleanser that has lipids. Massage into skin for 30 seconds, to stimulate blood flow and circulation. Finding the right cleanser is so much more than perusing the skin care aisle at the grocery store. You are treating an organ and quality is important. Not sure what to budget? Check my beauty resolutions blog here. 

At night, I take my makeup off with Tatcha’s Deep Cleansing Exfoliator. Then I use my deep cleansing oil from Tu El. I use the Calm Down line because my skin is sensitive but they have systems for everyone.  I especially love this line because it’s incredibly affordable and their products last.


Toner is important as it re-moisturizes the skin after cleansing (so important to keep moisturizing!) and returns skin back to its natural pH level of 5.8 (for women).  I have personally loved the Tu El products that can be found locally at Bumble Bee Waxing in Tallahassee. You can shop online here.

Moisture! Moisture! Moisture!

Hyaluralic Acid is one of the only ways to get your skin to produce more collagen. This one is definitely on my wish list. Lifting and brightening your skin as we age is imperative and finding brands that do not water down their ingredients so they can also water down their prices can be a challenge. This is one area where I would definitely budget to buy good products. I replace my skin care products twice a year. I’d rather buy cheaper makeup and spend more on taking care of my skin. Beautiful skin doesn’t need as much makeup to look good so you see my thought process?

Use A Night Cream

I’ve been advised that you should always apply the heaviest amounts of moisture last. If you have the budget, experts suggest La Prairie Cellular Radience Cream. It contains a special ingredient, Phytosteron Complex, which is a synthetic hormone that acts like estrogen. It fools the skin into thinking it is not in menopause! It’s the only product in the world that has this hormone, which explains its price.

I’m in love with Sunday Riley products and her Vitamin C Kit is packed with phytosteron as well as other ingredients that reverse aging. This mini kit is only $25!

Protect Your Investment

I have to confess, I’m a total hypocrite here. I skip my sunblock more often than I care to admit and it’s completely wasteful to all the money I drop to try to use good products. The sun will only cause new damage and make current symptoms more aggressive. After all that work, we must preserve the good we’ve done! I am still working on becoming more disciplined with my sunblock but I like to look for makeup primers or tinted moisturizers that have SPF. Keeping my daily protection on my counter with all my other skin care has made remembering this step easier. It’s really the most important one, so I’ve committed to doing the things that are best for me.





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