Quarantine Hair – Don’t Care

Quarantine Hair – Don’t Care

With hair salons closed, clients are fretting about their incoming root, understandably so! There is no telling when our state will open up again. My fingers are crossed for May 1! That being said, a lot of people are feeling the urge to turn to box color. While it makes me cringe inside, I get it. So I wanted to put together some Tally Beauty Girl approved options for desperate times!

  1. Buy a cute hat!  Since most of us a working from home, you can wear a hat if you can’t bring yourself to look in the mirror at your hair growth. I’ve actually designed one for my clients that are fashionable and functional!
  2. Braid your hair or put it in a bun! Getting your hair off your face will help get it off of your mind.
  3. Practice styling your hair. Your hair always looks better when it’s blow dried and curled! So if you’re looking for some volume or to refresh your look, give yourself a blow out and channel your inner Beyonce!
  4. Cover your roots. There are a ton of root sprays on the market, if you really can’t look at your grays. Using a root spray will not alter your hair color or cause any damage to your hair. They wash right out! I recommend the L’Oreal Gray Hair Root Touch Up, it’s inexpensive and easy to use!
  5. Gloss over Box – if you ABSOLUTELY HAVE to cover your gray, choose a gloss instead of a permanent color. It will be easier for your hairdresser to correct this, saving you money and damage! I recommend the Kristen Ess Signature Hair Gloss – which you can get at Target. If you can ask your hairdresser what color to choose, it’s best. DO NOT try to make a color change yourself. If you go too dark from blonde, your hair will turn green and it’s a major process to fix.



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